My works are often composed by images that are in relation with the space in which they are exposed. Projects can generate reflections about the slow processes that they tell.
Process like a metamorphosis visible on the object, existing by the action of time. The holes, the ruins, the details of eroded stones, sounds from old media technology and everyday objects are traces of this ongoing process. Gilles Clement speaks about the “Ruin” that is the lack of care on objects and spaces. For instance, a garden at first cultivated by man and then left to himself. When nature takes possession of the garden makes it possible to see grow wild plants and a change of space unexpected. In the same way the lack of care on everything around us produces images and singular events. Drawings and objects become symbols, iconography about what is not visible, used to bring out the details unexplored or show what is always under our eyes and we can not see. My action is to emphasize the rest, the difference in this long process of metamorphosis. I often work with different media such as drawing, photography, video and installation composed by various objects.

Curriculum Vitae

2022 | CAPRIOLA FESTIVAL – curated by PIA Studio, Mura Urbiche Lecce
2021 | DA INVENTARE SUL POSTO, Personal show for Falesia Project 2021 curated by Simone Massafra, Milan
2020 | IO RESTO A CASA, online group show curated by Pierpaolo Lista
2020 | MY MASK – A collection of artists masks. Collective show for the Nomadic Landscape curated by Mauro Cossu and Francesca Conchieri. Visit nomadiclandscape.altervista.org/my-mask/
2020 | CHROMOTAXIA – a natural color palette. Online platform about contemporary and visual research. Visit chromotaxia.com
2019 | VIA SACCARDO PROJECT, work in progress in collaboration with the artist Alessandra Occa, Milano
2017 | CREADORES curated by Juan Gonzalez Posada, Sala Municipal de Exposiciones, Valladolid Spain
2016 | EMPATEMA Studio Mugnaini, Studi Festival Milano
2016 | NO PLACE Castello di Fombio, Lodi
2015 | VETRINA Soap space, Milano
2015 | SENZA ORO NÈ RAME Studi Festival, via Pantelleria 5 Milano
2014 | VIR_OPEN STUDIO Via Farini in Residence, Milano
2014 | WHITE NOISE, BLACK WORDS curated by Miguel Amado Vilniaus Rotuse, Vilnius Lituania / HDLU, Ring Gallery Zagreb, Croatia / Council’s Art Gallery, Harghita County, Romania
2014 | LE VERITÀ IMMAGINATE curated by Lorenzo Madaro Palazzo Vernazza, Lecce
2012 | UMANA NATURA residence, H. Nagasawa Parco Torcito, Cannole (LE)
2012 | EXTRADELICATO via P. Pantelleria, Milano
2011 | FIREWORKS Palazzo Baronale, Novoli (LE) Project space with L. Presiccce
2010 | OPEN 13° S.Servolo, Venezia (VE) curated by P. De Grandis, V. De Burgis
2010 | THE YOUNG SCULPTURE Castle of Vigevano, Vigevano (PV)
2008 | THE ISLAND OF THE DAY AFTER San Carpoforo, Milano (MI) curated by G. Caravaggio

2015 | EFFETTO VENTURI #04,Paolo Icaro, Linda Fegni Nagler Peep-Hole and Museo del Novecento, Milano
2014 | VIA FARINI in residence, Milan
2012 | UMANA NATURA visiting professor H. Nagasawa, Parco di Torcito, Lecce

2012 | Visual Design Master SPD Milano,
2010 | MFA Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, Milano
2007 | BA Painting Accademia delle Belle Arti di Lecce